Clear Liquid From Dogs Bum

A dog’s anal glands secrete a clear liquid when the dog defecates. This liquid contains the dog’s scent and is used to mark its territory.

The article will be covering how to properly clean a dog’s bum.

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What is the clear liquid that sometimes comes out of a dog’s bum?

The clear liquid that sometimes comes out of a dog’s bum is called anal gland fluid. This fluid is produced by the anal glands, which are two small glands located just inside the dog’s anus. When the anal glands become full, the fluid is expel

When the anal glands become full, the fluid is expelled through the anus. This usually happens when the dog has a bowel movement. The fluid is clear and slightly sticky. It may have a foul odor.

Anal gland fluid is not harmful to dogs or humans. However, if the anal glands become full and the fluid is not expelled, it can cause discomfort and pain for the dog. In some cases, the anal glands may need to be manually emptied by a veterinarian.

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